ASTRO-H Mission facts and figures

  • Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) Mission
  • Launch: 17 February 2016
  • X-Ray observation satellite


Micro-Cameras & Space Exploration was in charge of the Filter Wheel Electronics for the Soft X-ray Spectrometer (SXS).

The main functionalities of the Filter Wheel Electronics are:

  • Data control: FPGA and SpaceWire interface
  • MXS circuitry: LED driver, HV control
  • Stepper motor control: potentiometer readout and motor regulation
  • Housekeeping: temperature, voltage, current readout
  • Power Management

MCSE has worked on this project for ISDC (PI of the flter wheel for SXS) and ESA with Swiss Prodex funding, in collaboration with SRON and JAXA.