Micro-cameras & Space Exploration has been involved or is currently involved in the following space missions:

JUICE, an ESA mission to Jupiter, to be launched in 2022.

BepiColombo, an ESA mission to Mercury, launched in 2018.

Sentinel 1a, a GMES satellite launched in 2014.

ExoMars, the first mission in ESA's Aurora Exploration Programme aiming at deploying a Rover carrying a comprehensive suite of analytical instruments dedicated to exobiology and geology research on Mars. The launch is scheduled for 2020.

ASTRO-H, an X-Ray observation mission of JAXA, launched in 2016.

TARANIS, a CNES mission for atmospheric studies.

PROBA-2, an ESA mission used to validate new spacecraft technologies and carrying scientific instruments. PROBA-2 has been launched on 2 November 2009.

Rosetta, an ESA mission for long-term exploration of a comet. Rosetta, with its lander Philae, has been launched from Kourou on 2 March 2004 and has landed on the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko in November 2014.

SMART-1, the first ESA's mission to the Moon SMART-1 was launched from Kourou on 27 September 2003. The mission was ended on 3 September 2006 with an impact on the near side of the Moon.

Beagle2, a lander part of MarsExpress, ESA's first mission to the red planet. Launched with MarsExpress on 2 June 2003 it was ejected from the orbiter on 19 December 2003.

PROBA, an ESA demonstration mission of advanced technologies in orbit around the Earth. PROBA was launched in October 2001 and is still in operation.

Andromède mission, a CNES mission to the International Space Station. The mission was completed in October 2001.

Other missions which include technology developped by Micro-cameras & Space Exploration:

Mars Science Laboratory (MSL), a NASA mission to Mars launched on 26 November 2011. MSL is a rover carying instruments to determine the planet's habitability.