Digital Space Micro-Camera

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Micro-Cameras & Space Exploration SA develops specific systems in the field of scientific instrumentation for space exploration, especially imaging systems.

Micro-Cameras & Space Exploration
has been selected for the development of imaging systems in several ESA missions, like PROBA 1 and 2, SMART-1, Rosetta, MarsExpress/Beagle2, Sentinel 1a, BepiColombo.


Highlight: ESA BepiColombo mission to Mercury

27-29 November 2018: Turning BepiColombo's high-gain antenna

4 November 2018: BepiColombo solar array drive run-in

27 October 2018: BepiColombo rotates solar arrays

25 October 2018: BepiColombo magnetometer boom deployment

21 October 2018: BepiColombo: M-CAM 2 & 3 taking images of antennas

20 October 2018: BepiColombo first seflie - M-CAM 1